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We’ll get your brand found in the search engines for keywords and phrases your customers use most often.

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When executed right, SEO can ignite your profits. We stay focused on your bottom-line.

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The days of spammy SEO are over. We’ll transform your brand into an authority.

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By using strategies the search engines agree with, we’ll protect your brand. 

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Our goal is to assist with taking your business to the next level. SEO is the backbone to scaling.

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We Drive Results. Period. 

Our SEO Process

First 30-45 Days


Website Audit

Understanding how search engines perceive your website is crucial to your success. We’ll identify the technical SEO issues with your site so that you can reach full potential.

Content Audit

The recent updates with Google are indicating that content and on-page optimization are becoming a more significant factor in your overall SEO success. We’ll identify the critical issues with your content based on correlation metrics.

Link Audit

Ever since Google’s first significant update, spammy links are their public enemy #1. We’ll identify the links in your link profile that are causing the most harm.

Directory / Listing Audit

Having a presence on niche relevant directories and major listing sites is still a major ranking factor. On the flip side, being listed on spammy directories can cause a lot of trouble. We’ll pinpoint the directories and listing that may be holding your rankings down.

Schema Markup Audit

Schema markup will assist search engine with the interpretation of your site. It can also add a nice look in the SERP. We’ll take a look at your current schema markup to make sure it meets the standard requirements and serves a purpose.


Keyword Research

Knowing what and how your target audience searches are paramount to your SEO campaign. Our keyword research will set the base for your site structure and content marketing campaigns. We’ll get you found for the phrases that will impact your bottom-line.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll take a look at your competitors to see what is working well for them. More importantly, we’ll figure out where they are dropping the ball so that you can exploit their shortcomings.

Market / Audience Research

Understanding what your audience demands of you are crucial to resonating with them. We’ll discover your audience’s likes, behaviors, and demographic information to align your SEO campaign with your audience.

Content Market Research

We create content that converts. Our keyword research gives us the insight needed to craft the content for each stage of the sales funnel – top, middle, and bottom. We’ll discover what your target audience is looking for and deliver it to them. 


Tools / Analytics / Track INC

What gets measured gets improved. We’ll make sure that all the tracking, analytics, and software are set up correctly for a successful campaign.


We’ll make sure the search engines know what your company is and does by implementing the appropriate schema markup. Then, we’ll add the proper schema markup that will make your brand stand out.

Fix Website Errors

Now that we have your website’s errors identified, we’ll work tirelessly to put your site in proper order. You never want to run an SEO campaign to a website full of technical issues.

Url Mapping

We’ll make sure the information architecture of your website is set up to match the demand of your audience with the services/products you offer. Having a clean site structure will set your site up for long-term success.

Create Additional Pillar Pages

Now, we know what your audience is demanding from our keyword research. With that, we’ll discover that you need more pages to meet that demand. We’ll create the necessary pillar pages required to keep your audience engaged.

Update Current Content

We’ll optimize your current content so we can maximize our SEO efforts. We leverage correlation signals to make sure we tune every element on your pages.

Remove Toxic Links

If your backlink profile is toxic, then we may need to create a disavow file to remove them from your profile. We’ll make sure your link profile stays clean and authoritative.

Submit / Update / Remove Listings

We’ll create the listings you need to be on – major listings and industry-specific listings. We’ll remove any toxic listings you may have as well.

Profile Account Creation

Depending on your industry, there are specific profiles and accounts you need to have. We’ll make sure you have the required listings for your company’s niche and the right ones to establish you as an authority.


On Going

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most powerful ways to build backlinks. We’re not in the business of using private blog networks. We create real relationships with the top websites across the web to get your content published.

Onsite Blog Posts

Creating topic clusters and supportive blog posts on your website is mandatory for our SEO strategy. We’ll create content that your audience wants to read.

Niche Directory Building

We’ll continue to create niche-relevant directory listings which will increase your authority within your industry.

Infographic Creation & Submission

Infographics are a great way to get natural linking and inform your audience engagingly and visually. Each infographic we create gets submitted to the top image and infographic submission websites.

Video Creation & Submission

As a part of our content repurposing strategy, we’ll take your blog posts and turn them into animated videos. Once we create the videos, we submit them to all the major video submission websites.

Powerpoint Creation & Submission

As a part of our content repurposing strategy, we’ll take your blog posts and turn them into PowerPoint presentations. Once we create the presentations, we submit them to all the major PPT submission websites.

PDF Creation & Submission

As a part of our content repurposing strategy, we’ll take your blog posts and turn them into PDFs. Once we create the PDF, we submit them to all the major PDF submission websites.

Internal Linking & Onsite Changes

As we create content for your site, we will increase the number of internal links to your money pages (pillar pages). Our strategy revolves around creating topic clusters so we can create content with purpose at scale.


How much does SEO cost ?

SEO is a long-term investment. Typically, there are two parts to the investment – a setup and a monthly investment.

1) The scope of the project, technical errors, content needed, UI/UX changes, link cleanup, listing cleanup, site restructuring, and more, will determine the setup cost. 

2) The monthly investment depends on the number of pages we are promoting, guest posts, directories, videos, infographics, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and overall competitiveness of your industry. At CixxFive, we do not sacrifice quality to provide a low-cost product. Our SEO campaign always have inbound marketing in mind. Our goal is to scale our clients to full inbound marketing and SEO is a great start. Our ongoing SEO campaigns start at $1,500/month, and the setup will vary from project to project.

How long does it takes to see results?

First, we must define what “results” are. There are measurable results that are indicative of the campaign’s success – increase in rankings, increase in the number of keywords, traffic increase, etc. Then there are R.O.I driven results – leads and sales. In terms of seeing measurable results, it depends on many factors – how much authority does your site have, is your website already found for keyword phrases, how much organic traffic your site receives, etc. Typically, you will see movement in your rankings and the number of keywords found for within 30-90 days.

How long does it take to get an R.O.I with SEO?

This is a tricky question if you are running only an SEO campaign because there are a lot of contributing factors that can impact your bottom-line. For example, if you do not have a robust sales and lead-nurturing process for the leads you are receiving, then you will not maximize your spend on SEO. Also, the state of your site when we start has a lot to do with how soon you will start getting new leads from our SEO efforts. We have clients that start receiving leads within 60-90 days, and we have some clients that are starting from 0, and it can take eight months to a year to start getting new inquiries. Our rule of thumb is to give SEO at least 6 – 8 months to begin seeing leads. If it comes sooner, it will be a pleasant surprise!

Do I get monthly reports ?

Yes, we provide detailed reports that outline your rankings, traffic, KPIs, and sources, along with the assets we created and links we built.

Am I stuck in long term contract ?

No! We do not believe in long term contracts. We believe in setting proper expectations and doing our damn job. Our relationships with our clients are long-term without binding them contractually.

Will I be able to see all of the work done?

Yes! We might be the only SEO company that will share everything we do. You will see every video we make and every guest post we submit. We have nothing to hide from here.

How often will I speak with someone?

You will have a dedicated team that is assigned to your campaign. Your main point of contact will be the digital strategist that sets you up. Then, you will have a lead strategist and project manager that will be in communication with you as well. You will have direct access to your team and can contact them anytime. Otherwise, we meet once a month to go over changes, reports, performance, and ongoing strategies.


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