The cloud-based platform, HubSpot, is a marketing-automation software that allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to manage and support their marketing efforts, sales processes, and the needs of their clients all within the same dashboard. The comprehensive system provides companies with the resources they need to attract visitors and website traffic, convert qualified leads, and close new business opportunities. Also, HubSpot provides robust data analytics, which businesses can leverage to make strategic decisions about their sales, marketing, and customer service practices. HubSpot gives you everything you need to run a full inbound marketing campaign. 

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Is your mouth hanging open in amazement? Ours was too. HubSpot’s capabilities and extensive network of tools are designed to help your business satisfy a multitude of goals and objectives.

How Does HubSpot Function?

Now that we’ve opened your eyes to the powerful capabilities of HubSpot’s platform let’s break down the core elements of its functionality.


what is hubspot crm


Now that we’ve opened your eyes to the powerful capabilities of HubSpot’s platform let’s break down the CRM.

HubSpot’s CRM delivers a reservoir of tools for today’s digitally-driven sales processes, providing a plethora of valuable information to help move the needle forward.

With five main areas of service – Companies, Contacts, Tasks, Deals, and Sales Tools – your sales personnel will be able to streamline their workflow, remain organized, access new leads, and retrieve data on contact activities. With the ability to design customized deal stages to move prospects through the buying process, your business can adequately showcase your brand and establish a personalized experience for those interested in your products and services.


The HubSpot sales product integrates with their CRM, which means your team can create new contacts, track and log emails and interactions, automate outreach messages, view prospect activity, and track pipeline progress. Using this tool is an effective way for your team to save time, uncover new leads, close deals quicker, and focus their attention on revenue-generating activities.


what is hubspot marketing

Not only is HubSpot’s marketing platform extremely user-friendly, but it is all-encompassing, consolidating all your marketing efforts into one place. You can build and tailor your website so that it expertly showcases your brand and services, create social media posts, send email blasts, develop new marketing campaigns and workflows, build landing pages and forms, and access reporting tools.

Additionally, the software provides the resources needed to build an effective content strategy, manage leads, create a blog, perform competitive research, and enhance your SEO through keyword building. Everything your business needs to attract, engage, and retain potential and existing customers is all housed in one portal.

Service Hub:

As one of their newer additions to their arsenal of products, Service Hub is a customer-focused software that emphasizes the customer experience. Empower your clients, grow your business, and turn customers into promoters by interacting with customers in real time to resolve issues faster, managing service tickets, analyzing customer happiness metrics, automating the testimonial process, and creating a knowledge center for clients to access videos, tutorials, and guides to answer common questions.

Project Management:

This feature assembles all of your sales, marketing, communications, files, and customer service-related tasks into one centralized project management tool. You can manage various projects, monitor progression, assign completion dates, designate assignments to specific staff members, and connect assets and files. Recurring projects can be saved as templates to streamline workflow and repeat processes in the future.


3rd-Party Integration:

Through HubSpot’s Connect program, you can integrate various tools and applications with their marketing, sales, service or CRM software to boost performance, productivity, and the user experience. To enhance your inbound efforts, HubSpot has partnered with top-tier tools, such as WordPress, Salesforce, Eventbrite, Google Calendar, Zapier, GoToWebinar, Wistia, and SurveyMonkey, to name a few.

Why HubSpot is Advantageous for Your Business

To strategically grow your business, you need to adapt to today’s technology and data-driven climate. HubSpot is an incredibly powerful and simple-to-use platform that furnishes your company with all the tools necessary for establishing a competitive presence, increasing revenue, and building brand equity. Here’s why.

Built-In Analytics for Smarter, Data-Driven Decisions

Traditional marketing, such as billboard advertisements or cold mailings, are difficult to track and measure in terms of effectiveness. With HubSpot’s extensive reporting capabilities, you’ll be able to measure your entire marketing funnel from initial acquisition through the close. Not only will your business be able to analyze website performance, but you’ll have access to detailed reporting surrounding all of your marketing assets – from your blog to your organic and paid social media campaigns to your email marketing. With instant insight into your performance, you’ll be able to tweak campaigns and make process adjustments to optimize your success.

Centralized Information & Processes

Whether you’re a business owner, sales team manager, or marketer, you’ve probably encountered the throes of trying to manage and implement new software or processes, only to get a headache over the complexity of piecing everything together. Through HubSpot’s customer management system, you can now operate out of a single, centralized platform.

Being centralized allows you to oversee the buyer journey from a prospect’s initial visit to your website through the customer support and sales processes and even through post-purchase engagement and retainment strategies. Adopting a single solution for your business will eliminate managing different systems and training employees on a multitude of platforms.

Effectively Track Business Revenue

This reporting feature enables your business to measure how marketing efforts are translating into revenue. Reporting is customizable by data, individual, business name, source type, and more, so you can genuinely drill down on your marketing initiatives and make data-driven decisions to enhance revenue.

Grouping Leads by Persona

Once you’ve identified your business’s buyer personas, you can begin tracking how many leads you’re accumulating under each target persona. Knowing the persona of your best customer will help boost efficacy when it comes to designing and measuring marketing campaigns around each of your buyer personas. If there’s a large discrepancy in data between different buyer personas, you can reallocate funding or restructure your strategy moving forward.

Prospect & Customer Lifecycle

By leveraging HubSpot’s lifecycle stages, you’ll be able to segment your database and analyze your data based on how many opportunities, leads, subscribers, and customers you have. These metrics illustrate how healthy (or unhealthy) your sales funnel may be, and what areas may require focus. For example, you may have a multitude of leads in the queue and concentrate your efforts on closing those leads. Alternatively, your pipeline of qualified leads may be limited, and therefore you can develop a new campaign to generate more leads.

So, is HubSpot the right tool for your business?

Of course, the answer will ultimately depend on your business’s needs and goals. To shed light on whether or not HubSpot is the right platform for your company, here are some questions to consider:

  •    Are you searching for a single, convenient tool that’ll unite your sales, marketing, support teams?
  •    Would your company like to invest in attracting prospects, converting them to customers, and retaining clientele?
  •    Is your business looking for an effective and efficient way to manage your prospects and customers?
  •    Are you interested in providing your sales staff with warm leads?
  •    Is your company looking for a tool to analyze and optimize marketing efforts to boost the effectiveness of your various campaigns?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then HubSpot will fit you like a glove. Not only does HubSpot provide an excellent platform for mapping and managing your marketing and sales initiatives, but both you and your customer will reap the multitude of benefits that the platform offers.

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