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SEO now requires a multi-channel approach

The SEO industry has gone through a number of major updates over the last few years. In today’s world, SEO (done the right way) requires a cohesive, multi-channel approach that leverages every resource and marketing initiative. Here are some of the areas we look at when we review your SEO…

Technical SEO

How is your website setup? How fast does it load? Are there any gaps in your onsite optimisation? What can you do to improve its effectiveness?

Market Research

Understanding your market is the most important part of developing your strategy. What do your customers search for? How are you going to be found? What are your competitors doing?

Linking Strategy

Links are still one of the most important areas in SEO. What kind of links do you have? Are there any links that can hurt you? What types of links should you be focusing on?

Content Strategy

What type of content should you produce? How will you leverage that content to build links and get shares? How do you know what content will produce the best results?


SEO is not only about generating traffic. What percent of leads become sales? What can you do to improve the quality of your leads? How can you reduce your bounce rate?

Find out how to use SEO and content marketing to grow rankings, drive traffic and maximize your exposure online.


Client Reviews

CixxFive really knows their stuff when it comes to website design, SEO, and online marketing.  Everybody says they can build a website and do SEO, but CixxFive gets results.  They are innovators and stays on top of SEO algorithms and best practices.

Nic Hoover - Owner, Diamond Exchange Dallas


Get a Free Strategic Analysis of your SEO & Online Presence